Valley Honey Company
Valley Honey Company


Valley Honey Company is a small bee keeping operation run by a fourth generation member of the agricultual community in the "Valley of the sun" area of Arizona.

Bees are safely transported as needed to various locations in Arizona, Colorado and California, but always keep a significant portion of bees here in the valley for honey production. 


Feb. 1st excess bees are moved to farms north of Bakersfield, CA to pollinate almond. 4-5 weeks later they are brought back to Arizona to make a honey crop.


In late April we move a portion of our bees to a cooler climate in Colorado to rest and build up for the balance of the summer, returning in mid October for the winter season to prepare them for next springs honey crop and pollination.


For Valley Honey Co. This is a typical routine for each year to maintain and sustain healthy bees.




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