Valley Honey Co. is a small beekeeping operation run by a fourth generation member of the agricultural community in the Valley of the sun area of Arizona. We keep many hives scattered throughout the valley to keep our honey truly local. 







Weekly hive inspections



nurse bees tending to the brood

Bees are safely transported as needed to various locations in Arizona and California, but always keep a significant portion of bees here in the valley for honey production. 


Feb. 1st excess bees are moved to farms north of Bakersfield, CA to pollinate almonds. 4-5 weeks later they are brought back to Arizona to make a honey crop.


We produce 3 varieties of honey in the valley such as orange, mesquite, and wildflower. Consuming honey with the seasons is prefered to aid in allergy combatants.


Orange Blossom: Our first crop of the year runs in March through late April.


Mesquite: Shortly following the oranges the mesquite flow runs mid April through late May.


Wildflower: Starting in late May through late September is a mix of all various plants blooming through out the season.


After honey production stops for the year, in mid October we prepare the bees for the harsh winter months. Keeping a close eye and maintaining strong beehives for the following pollination and honey production year.


For Valley Honey Co. This is a typical routine each year to maintain and sustain healthy bees.


We are grateful to be able to produce such a wonderful honey for the community and strongly urge to support local small businesses and local farmers, without them the survival of the bees and your local honey would not be possible.


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getting ready to load some bees
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